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06.05.2016 SundayPress

株式会社VISITS WORKS、総額2.5億円の資金調達を実施

「VISITS OB」を運営するVISITS WORKSは、代々木ゼミナールを運営する学校法人高宮学園、ウィルグループインキュベイトファンド及びエンジェル投資家数名による総額2憶5000万円の資金調達を実施しました。また、代ゼミとの資本業務提携を結び、今後代ゼミおよびSAPIX YOZEMI GROUP在籍の小学生から高校生、その保護者に対しても、広く社会人のキャリア情報を公開する予定です。

「VISITS OB」は大学生専用のOB/OG訪問サービスとして提供してきましたが、上記の課題解決に挑むために、社会人が今まで歩んできた道、そして持っている理念や夢を子供たちに伝えます。学生が社会人の過去~現在~将来の数多くの事例を参考にすることができ、学生が自分の将来のキャリアパスについて真剣に考える機会を提供して参ります。


VISITS WORKS Raises 250 Mil. Yen. New Project to Show Students the Potential that Their Future Holds

VISITS WORKS, provider of web service VISITS OB, has recently concluded a funding round involving Takamiya Gakuen, operator of Yoyogi Seminar, Will Group Incubation Fund and angel investors. The investment amount was 250 million yen (2.2 million USD).

In addition, VISITS WORKS and Yoyogi Seminar have announced a new collaboration to provide elementary school students to high school students registered with Yoyogi Seminar and the SAPIX YOZEMI Group and their guardians access to the information of the registered working adults on VISITS OB.

Currently, the links between one’s career and what and where one studies are either weak or unclear in Japan. Due to the lack of transparency regarding the impact of one’s studies on one’s career, students choose their universities based on their reputation, how difficult it is to enter and are often unmotivated to study hard.

VISITS OB has been offered exclusively to university students up till now. However, in order to solve the social problems stated before, VISITS OB will start to offer access to the information of the working adults on the service – including information about what they studied, how they arrived at their current careers and their dreams. Through providing many case studies which display the past, present and future of the working adults, we will give students the tools to formulate and to think about their careers concretely.

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