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10.27.2022 ThursdaySeminar

CEO Masaru Matsumoto speaks at the Medium Enterprise Management Committee on the theme “Design Thinking for innovation and DX”

On 27 October 2022, Mr. Masaru Matsumoto spoke on the theme ‘Design Thinking for Innovation and DX’ at the Medium Enterprise Management Committee, held by the Management Innovation Department of the Kansai Productivity Centre.

The Kansai Productivity Centre (KPC) is a public interest organization with the aim of ‘creating a prosperous society through increased productivity’. The organization brings together future-oriented managers of medium-sized enterprises and provides support for corporate revitalisation, human resource development and management reform.

In recent years, the business environment has undergone radical changes due to the decline in the working population, changes in the industrial structure and the spread of new coronavirus infections. In such an environment, innovation, which was perceived as a ‘factor for growth’, has become a ‘driving force necessary for companies to survive’.

Mr. Matsumoto spoke of digital x design thinking as a quintessential base for DX promotion, and participants engaged in a lively discussion at the end of the presentation.

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