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11.23.2018 FridayPress

VISITS offers ideagram technology to METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) to bring efficiency and quality to the SME funding program decision-making process

VISITS Technologies Inc. provides its patented consensus-building algorithm to the Supporting Industry Program of METI, to improve the screening process of the SME funding program.

With aims to support research and development allowing for advancement of core manufacturing technologies, the Supporting Industry Program at METI has supported over 2,000 small and medium enterprises to date. The program brings in a panel of judges who are experts across various fields to select SMEs with high potential from the viewpoint of technology and commercialization.

As the program scaled , there was a need to improve the efficiency of screening while ensuring rigor and accuracy. It was essential for the panel to properly evaluate innovative project ideas without bias to historical success or existing technologies. By utilizing VISITS’s consensus-building technology, the program was able to improve efficiency of the screening process as well as introduce a layer of trust and quality to the process.

The need of judge panel calibration, quality assurance, and efficiency is not unique to the Supporting Industry Program. Other governmental funding programs as well as corporate business operations would be able to utilize the same scheme for advancement of the
decision-making process.


About ideagram and VISITS Technologies
Ideagram consensus-building algorithm helps make data-driven decisions in fields that are volatile, ambiguous, and uncertain – pushing the boundaries of existing A.I. technology. It is used in improving decision-making, talent management, and organizational culture integration, and more.
Founded in 2014, VISITS Technologies was elected as a J-StartUp company; one of the leading 100 Japanese startups from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.