VISITS Design-Tech Company

01.25.2019 FridayPress

VISITS offers consensus-building technology to Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare/ Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to design the future of medical care

VISITS Technologies Inc. offers its patented consensus-building technology to the Future Innovation Working Group established under the Government’s Health and Medical Strategy Headquarters (Next Generation Health Care Council · Next Generation Medical Device Development Association · Next Generation ICT Foundation Council) to efficiently compile expert opinions and arrive to a decision.

The Future innovation Working Group aims to build a roadmap of technologies and services that are needed in the future of Japan, taking into consideration social and regional changes and technological advancement that are anticipated through 2040

Managing the working group conferences involving numerous experts involved many challenges, such as 1) inequality of voice (the direction of discussion was frequently steered by individuals who were more vocal) 2) inefficient process (opinions usually diverged and coming to a single decision presented difficulty) 3) speed to decision (the process wasn’t designed to arrive at decisions with limited number of meetings) 4) attendance (there were experts who can not attend all meetings).

By using ideagram, the working group is able to collect and mutually evaluate opinions online from experts prior to the conference. This allows to extract and score opinions and ideas objectively, and allows individual experts to review other expert opinion in advance.

It is expected that the conference management will be dramatically more efficient with this new process, and similar issues with ineffective conference management can be solved with the same solution.