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07.09.2019 TuesdayNews

Opening of「VISITS Marunouchi」Office Space Design with Technology Integration

VISITS Technologies Inc. has openined 「VISITS Marunouchi」, the new modelroom Head Office showcasing office space design with technology integration.

Focusing on the themes of “innovation” and “how we work”, VISITS has developed a unique patented CI (Consensus Intelligence) technology which aims to foster innovation, as well as hosting the InnovationTech Consortium, a forum focusing in joint innovation research.

Throughout our research on innovation, we gathered the data of occurrence probability of aspirations. ( What kinds of aspirations people may have in correspondence with the situation.) From this database of information, we then extracted data on the challenges and aspirations that are cultured by office environments. From here, we developed a unique method of data-driven design to create “an office space that brings apriations to life”. In contrast to using employee behaviour data as a base for office design, we concentrated on “supporting employee happiness in the workplace” to create a more efficient and genuinely enjoyable workspace.

At VISITS Marunouchi, data is used to integrate various environmental elements that stimulate the five senses to design workplace atmosphere and environment that enhances productivity.

Over the past year, we have begun providing a one-stop service for major corporations, offering data analysis as well as office design up to the point of construction. VISITS Marunouchi was opened as a model room so that the office space environment can be experienced first-hand.

Please feel free to contact us if you are a company interested in “cultivating innovation” and “reforming the way we work”.

※: The joint innovation research consortium which consists of government agencies and over 60 major corporations operated by VISITS Technologies Inc.(

〒100-0005 2F YUSEN Building, 2-3-2 Marunouchi,Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

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