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07.25.2019 ThursdayNews

VISITS raises approximately 2.2 billion: Accelerating Innovation Tech in collaboration with Government Agencies and over 60 leading Corporations.

VISITS Technologies Inc. has procured approximately 2.2 billion Yen from investors including the Mirai Creation Fund, Dentsu, Dai-ichi Life, Globe Advisors, Persol Holdings, Significant Inc. as well as through third party share issuances. The total procurement amount is set to reach 3.6 billion yen.

This funding will be used to accelerate further Research & Development into VISITS`s patented Consensus Intelligence technology (hereinafter referred to as “CI technology”), and the social implications of the CI technology. By holding InnovationTeach Consortium (hereinafter referred to as the “Consortium”) VISITS aims to promote research and diffusion of innovation technologies through workshops and events with member companies.

1. Background
Society 5.0 as advocated by the Government will require greater information and knowledge sharing in order to achieve new value creation through innovation.
However, it is very rare for the process of innovation to be analyzed by scientific approaches and shared in common. Consequently, there is sentiment that it may be difficult to apply science to innovation.

2. About Innovation Tech
In this current context, from the core belief that “there is a science to innovation, and everyone has innovation potential”, VISITS has conducted research & development into establishing a new field of technology known as “Innovation Tech”.
More specifically, VISITS has developed services including “visiongram” (quantifying metrics of business ideas using CI Technologies) and “visiongram” (innovation systems analysis engine) with the aim of providing a one-stop service to support and promote all stages of the innovation process.

3. About the Innovation Tech Consortium
The InnovationTech Consortium, established in April 2019, is an open innovation forum where 60 of Japan’s pioneering companies gather to collaborate and promote innovation technologies. The Consortium seeks to support the emergence of corporate innovation through using scientific approaches, so that Japan can once again increase its global presence as a leader in innovation.

4. Future Activities
Funding raised will be used to strengthen our product development and to further accelerate business development. In terms of global strategy, we have been undertaking marketing activities out of Silicon Valley and Singapore, and will seek to strengthen partnerships with local companies and promote recruitment in both locations moving forward.

※What is Consensus Intelligence Technology ?
Consensus Intelligence Technology (CI Technology) utilises a unique patented algorithm that allows quantification of qualitative values without training data. By using CI technology, we are able to quantify vague concepts such as human creativity, accuracy of assessment, and other values and assets that were historically difficult to measure through AI technology. By integrating emerging blockchain technologies, a new ‘value economy’ can be created.

VISITS Technologies Inc.
Masaru Matsumoto

【Company Overview】
Established: June 2014
Capital: 3.03 billion (including Capital Reserves)
Address  2F YUSEN Building, 2-3-2 Marunouchi,Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Business Description: Product planning, development and management of products using our consensus building algorithm “Consensus Intelligence technology” under our mission of “bringing science to creativity, and building an ecosystem where everyone can contribute to Social Value Creation”.

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