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11.07.2019 ThursdayNews

VISITS Technologies CEO M.Matsumoto Awarded at「SUITS OF THE YEAR 2019」

VISITS Technologies CEO M.Matsumoto was elected as the head of the Business Division for “SUITS OF THE YEAR 2019”, at the event co-sponsored by the Nikkei Digital Business Media Business Unit “NIKKEI STYLE Men’s Fashion” and World Culture Company “MEN’S EX”. We were honoured to participate in the award ceremony held at the Palace Hotel on November 7 2019, alongside President of McDonald’s Holdings Japan Mr. Sara El Casanova, Actor Mr. Masao Kusakari, and others. We will continue to work towards value creation for society into the future, and strive to uphold the selection criteria of “contributing to outstanding achievements in corporate value improvement, innovation and development of new products and services.”
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Suits of the Year 2019:

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