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06.04.2020 ThursdayNews

“VISITS Innovators”, an Online Platform Supporting Innovation, Released to Support Business In Response to the New Novel Coronavirus

“VISITS innovators,” a membership based service that promotes and fosters innovation among members of the Innovation Tech Consortium, has been released.

As a countermeasure against the spread of the New Novel Coronavirus, in a time where online communication has become more active, the number of interactions and matches made on the VISITS Innovators beta website has grown by 200% in the last 20 days.

With the increasing demand for social distancing and restrictions on face-to-face communication, we are working towards increasing the number of corporate members and enhancing our value proposition as a system that substitutes and supports the communication required for the emergence of innovation.

What is “VISITS Innovators”?

“VISITS Innovators” is an online service exclusively for members of the Innovation Tech Consortium and a platform that promotes and fosters the emergence of innovation. Collaboration between members, financing, investment, M & A, and secondment arrangements of employees are just some examples of the benefits provided by VISITS Innovators.

■ Benefits
By screening all membership applications at the time of registration (see *1 for admission criteria), we ensure that our membership is of high quality and viable business transaction recommendations can be made. Through the members benefits system, members are able to take advantage of the product/services of other members on favorable terms and conditions. This has created an ecosystem whereby members can mutually support business growth.

■ Service Fee
Basic Membership and service usage is free of charge.

■ Other Benefits
Tokyo (Roppongi Midtown Area) adn Osaka (Osaka Station Area) Event Spaces are free to use for Startup members and at a discounted rate for other corporate members.

What is InnovationTech?

We have established a new technological field, namely “InnovationTech”,  by conducting research and development on innovation emergence under our belief and vision that “innovation can be a science that can be brought about by anyone and everyone”. More specifically, VISITS provides a one-stop scientific solution for innovation creation processes and subsequent business feasibility assessment evaluations. Our services include “ideagram”, which uses CI technology to quantify the viability of business ideas; the “Design Thinking Test,” an online assessment tool that allows the visualization of creativity; and “visiongram”, an innovation organization analysis engine.

What is the InnovationTech Consortium?

The Innovation Tech Consortium is a global network of leading corporations, startups, and venture capitalists from around the world with the common goal of innovation. Since its establishment in April 2019, the Consortium has gained hundreds of members which has enabled both online and offline exchanges. Our goal is to create a world where companies that have great vision and service/product offerings can access and contribute to the global innovation community.

※InnovationTech Consortium Offline events have been cancelled until May 2020.

Member Companies:

InnovationTech Consortium Website:

【Company Profile】

Establishment :June 2014

Funding :           USD 35mil(including Capital Reserves)

Address:             2F Yusen Building, 2-3-2- Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Business Activities:           Under the mission of “building an ecosystem in which everyone can contribute to the creation of social value through the science of creativity,” VISITS Technologies plans, develops, and operates a variety of products that utilize “Consensus Intelligence” technology, a consensus building algorithm.



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