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04.16.2020 ThursdayNews

Launch of ‘Expert Idea 500’, a service for new businesses, in collaboration with Dentsu and Mimir

VISITS Technologies Inc., provider of ideagram, an idea generation cloud service, will begin offering the “Expert Idea 500” service in collaboration with Dentsu Business Design Square (BDS), an organization dedicated to supporting client companies’ in innovation; Dentsu Innovation Initiative (DII), an R&D organization that supports business investment and development in promising technologies; and MIMIR in the field of new business development.

<Expert Idea 500 Overview>
“Expert Idea 500” is a service that allows companies to rapidly generate 500 to 1,000 ideas from a wide range of experts in a short period of time (approx. one month) to support concept extraction and business plan integration.

This is a new service that has succeeded in greatly increasing and accelerating the efficiency of new business review processes for large companies by subdividing the process, gathering the knowledge of experts, and automating some of the process. Specifically this is achieved through the following three steps:
(1) Creating an “expert portfolio”:gathering relevant experts in relation to the subject matter,
(2) “Expert Ideation”:experts perform ideation and evaluation,
(3) “Concept Extraction”:extract concepts from ideas and integrate them into business proposals.

<VISITS Technologies and Expert Idea 500>
ideagram is mainly introduced in phase (2) “Expert Ideation” in which experts perform ideation and evaluation, and makes it possible to extract many ideas (about 500 to 1,000) from experts. Through the CI technology, it is then possible to automatically extract the ideas that demonstrate high empathy and feasibility.

<What is ideagram?>
The idea generation cloud “ideagram” is a technology that automatically extracts new business ideas that have a high probability of success by assessing the combination patterns of technologies and seed ventures, using VISITS Technologies’ patented Consensus Intelligence (CI) technology.

Discovering Ideas
Numerous ‘good’ ideas are gathered through online ideation sessions. It is possible to collect thousands or tens of thousands of ideas in a single session, through the incorporation of a compulsory idea generation protocol based on the idea of design thinking and drawing out the creativity of the participants.

Quantifying the Value of Ideas
The value of each idea can be quantified by inputting data from the online session into a proprietary consensus algorithm (CI technology). The number is calculated from the predicted need for an idea, its novelty, and its probability of its feasibility.

As an InnovationTech company that supports the promotion of corporate innovation and social value creation by providing ideagram, our idea generation cloud that focuses on human creativity, VISITS is committed to strengthening partnerships with companies and organizations that share product development and vision.

<About Dentsu Business Square>
Founded in 2017, Dentsu Business Square is an organization dedicated to business design that promotes the resolution of organizational issues and business development for clients from a creative perspective.

<About Dentsu Innovation Initiaitve>
The Dentsu Group’s R&D organization is committed to creating business foundations for the future by identifying global seed businesses and promoting investment & business development in promising technologies in order to achieve sustainable growth.

<About MIMIR Inc.>
With the mission of “Giving Value to Experiential Knowledge,” MIMIR has built a network of 6,000 experts in Japan and provides research support services to corporate planning departments and new business personnel to facilitate and optimize corporate decision-making. They provide “Expert Research,” which allows you to interview experts, and “Expert Opinions,” which aggregates experts’ perspectives on the future of the market in cutting-edge fields.
Expert Research:
Expert Opinion:

<VISITS Technologies Inc.>
Establishment : June 2014
Funding : USD 35mil(including Capital Reserves)
Address: 2F Yusen Building, 2-3-2- Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Business Acitivies: Under the mission of “building an ecosystem in which everyone can contribute to the creation of social value through the science of creativity,” VISITS Technologies is a one-stop innovation support hub offering services including “ideagram,” a business idea generation and quantification tool; the “Design thinking test,” a creativity assessment tool; and “visiongram,” an innovation systems analysis engine.
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