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10.20.2021 WednesdayNews

“Design Thinking Test” Wins Digital HR Competition 2021 HR Technology Solutions Category Grand Prix

he world’s first “Design Thinking Test” that quantifies “creativity” is recognized as a service tackling important social issues in the process of developing Society 5.0 “Creative Society”.

VISITS Technologies K.K. (Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Masaru Matsumoto, hereinafter referred to as “VISITS”) is pleased to announce that its “Design Thinking Test“, a tool for discovering and developing business creation talents, won the Grand Prix at the “Digital HR Competition 2021” organized by the People Analytics & HR Technology Association (supported by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, etc.).

In today’s rapidly changing world with advanced digitization, there is a growing demand for highly creative people, and an accelerating trend towards new assessment criteria in recruitment and staffing. Creativity is the ability to identify essential problems and come up with solutions, and is increasingly in demand in all areas of business, not just new business and product planning.
“The Design Thinking Test” is the world’s first online assessment tool that uses a unique algorithm to quantitatively evaluate an individuals’ ability to identify and solve problems, which until now has been difficult to assess quantitatively. (Utilizing VISITS Technologie’s patented CI technology).The number of examinees exceeded 120,000 in October 2021, a tenfold increase over the past year and a half.
VISITS Technologies is delighted to announce that we have been awarded the Grand Prix in the Digital HR Competition 2021, one of the most fiercely contested competitions of its kind.

■ Grand Prix in the HR Technology Solutions category: award comments
On winning the Grand Prix, the following comments were made by the judges.
“This year, there were many finalist companies that tackled social issues beyond the HR domain. Among them, VISITS’ initiative to use technology to visualize and nurture the creativity that will be needed in the future is a cut above the rest. The “Design Thinking Test” was judged to be a service that tackles an important social issue, which is the realization of Society 5.0, the “Creative Society” as promoted by the government.”

■ Presentation of The Design Thinking Test

“Design Thinking Test”: a tool that visualizes and develops business creation human resources that are indispensable for innovation and DX
・What “creativity” is needed for the future?
・The uniqueness of the “Design Thinking Test” (Japan & U.S. patents) and its usefulness
・Experimental data from companies and organizations that have used the Design Thinking Test
・Overseas testing results and future overseas development
・Prospects as an idea data platform
■What is the “Design Thinking Test”
The “design thinking test” uses a patented algorithm to quantify the ability to “discover essential problems and come up with solutions”, that is, creativity, which could not be visualized quantitatively with conventional assessment tools. This enables us to efficiently identify people with the skills that are essential for future business people. The “Design Thinking Test” has already been used by more than 200 companies, including major Japanese corporations, consulting firms and major electronics manufacturers, mainly in the areas of recruitment and human resource development.


March 2019 “Design Thinking Test” Official Release
January 2020  Examinees exceeds 10,000
October 2020 Design Thinking Festival 2020 (10,000 Entries)
January 2021  Examinees exceeds 50,000
August 2021  Examinees exceeds 110,000
October 2021 Design Thinking Festival 2020 (17,000 Entries)

【Seminar Recording】
“The real DX human resources needed for value creation in a rapidly changing era?” as discussed by Professor Kazuo Ichijo.
The seminar discusses “DX human resources”, which will play an increasingly important role in future society. The future requirements of organizations and people as well as the importance of design thinking skills is explored..

■ Future Developments
VISITS Technologie will continue to develop and improve our services in the areas of recruitment, executive and DX HR search and development, and talent management, so that individuals’ creativity can be more objectively evaluated. We are committed to helping companies accelerate innovation and digitalisation. We have obtained a US patent and plan to expand overseas.

“Design Thinking Test” Case Studies:
“Design Thinking Test” Website:

■ About the Digital HR Competition 2021
The Digital HR Competition 2021 is a competition by tech companies to solve Japan’s HR challenges. The digitalisation of the labour market, which has previously been focused on analogue methods, is now being driven by technology and the need to solve business and social problems. However, we are yet to see examples of this being translated into actual results. In line with Schumpeter’s words that “innovation is the execution of new combinations’ ‘, the People Analytics & HR Technology Association has organised this event to help solve this problem by learning from and improving with one another across disciplines.

【Judging Criteria】
Implementability: Can it be widely and universally implemented in the future?
Effectiveness: Will it lead to solutions for a wide range of social issues?
Novelty and originality: Are the “problem” and “solution” innovative and original?
Soundness: Does it benefit all parties involved?


★ Hideo Owan | (Chairman) | Professor in the Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University
★ Takashi Iwamoto | Keio University Graduate School of Business Administration (KBS) Specially Appointed Professor
★ Kazuo Yano | Fellow at Hitachi, Ltd. | Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering, Specially Appointed Professor
★ Masayuki Goto | Professor in the Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University | Professor in the Department of Management Systems Engineering, Faculty of Creative Science and Engineering
★ Naomi Kodama | Professor in the Faculty of Economics, Meiji Gakuin University | Former Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Digital HR Competition 2021 website:

【Company Overview】
Mission : To build an ecosystem where everyone in the world can contribute to social value creation through the science of creativity.
Business activities : Planning, development and operation of various products using consensus-building algorithm “Consensus Intelligence Technology ” (patented in Japan and the U.S.)
Location : Yusen Building 2F, 2-3-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Establishment : June 2014

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