VISITS Design-Tech Company

08.20.2018 MondayNews

Nissin Foods internship applicants to be tested with Ideagram

VISITS Technologies (CEO: Masaru Matsumoto, location: Minato, Tokyo) will provide its patented technology “ideagram” to Nissin Foods in order to screen its autumn internship (late Sept. – early Oct.) applicants.

Ideagram is a patented technology that converts human creativity, judgement abilities and ideas into numbers with its very own agreement formation algorithm. Integrating the agreement building engine makes it possible to go beyond creativity and quantify the so-called “perceptual assets” such as senses, skills or personal connections with the teacher-less model.

Ideagram test will be administered to about 300 applicants who pass the document screening and make it to the short list. Nissin Foods representatives announced that they will judge applicants based on both the ideagram test and in-person interview results.

PR managers: K.Shimabayashi, Y.Kosaka