VISITS Design-Tech Company

08.07.2018 TuesdayNews

VISITS at Executive Lightning Talk Event hosted by SAP Japan

VISITS’s CEO M.Matsumoto gave a speech at “Business Innovators Network -Executive Lightning Talk Event-” hosted by SAP Japan.

In front of a large audience he talked about the “Science of Open Innovation” and explained how destructive innovation is emerging. He later presented the company’s patented technology “ideagram”.
“I had a chance to show what can be achieved with Ideagram in terms of open innovation and present the actual images of analysis and result screens”.

What is the Business Innovators Network? (official website)
The Business Innovators Network is an open community that was established in March 2018. It effectively unites the leaders of Japanese companies who want change and more diverse stakeholders, with SAP Japan being their lead manager. Through connecting various stakeholders, such as members of large companies or start-ups, venture capitalists, accelerators and researchers, the community promotes major reforms that will exceed its own limits.