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04.28.2016 ThursdayPress

4月28日の日経新聞に「VISITS OB」が掲載されました

「VISITS OB」が、日経新聞の紙面と電子版に取り上げられました。特に、電子版では最も読まれたトップ記事として取り上げて頂きました。
そう言った意味でも、VISITS OBは単にOB/OG訪問のためのサービスとしてだけなく、このサービスを使う全ての人々が自分の明るい未来をイメージして、ワクワク感が止まらないようなサービスに発展させて頂きたいと思っています。

VISITS OB Featured by Nikkei News on 28th April

VISITS OB was featured in an article by Nikkei News on the 28th of April. The feature article became the most read article on the digital edition of Nikkei News.

We understand that there are many definitions of the term “career education”. Our own definition for it is not just conveying information about job scopes, but also providing the next generation with information about why one works, what one wishes to achieve through his or her career etc. and above all a sense of excitement. Through this, we want to “pass the baton” to the next generation and educate a new generation of youth excited about their futures.

In this sense, VISITS OB is not just a platform for students to simply meet with their alumni but is also a tool by which all users of this service can imagine their futures and feel excited about them. VISITS WORKS will continue to work hard to provide a cutting-edge service which continues to fill users with anticipation for what they can achieve in their lives.