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02.29.2016 MondayPress


平成27年に比べ新卒採用解禁が2か月早まったことを背景に、日経新聞は学生の就活支援を行っている各社のサービスを取り上げました。そこで、VISITS OBは会員が同じ出身校の卒業生の詳細プロフィールを見ることができ、その先輩が働いている会社について知りたい場合、学生が連絡や座談会の予約もできるサービスと紹介されました。

平成27年12月のリリースから、VISITS OBは急成長を遂げ、リリース後わずか3か月でVISITS OBを使ってOB訪問の申請は延べ1万件を超えています。



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VISITS OB picked up by Nikkei News on Feb 22

Noting that the official start of the fresh-graduate job search has been brought 2 months earlier compared to 2015, Nikkei News featured various services supporting students in their job hunting. VISITS OB was introduced as a platform which not only allowed users to view detailed profiles of one’s school’s alumni but also to contact and make appointments with them to find out more about working in their companies.

Since its release in December 2015, VISITS OB has experienced explosive growth, with more than 10,000 requests for appointments with alumni made within the 3 months of opening.

The article can be read on the 23rd page of the Nikkei News published on the 22nd Feb, 2016.


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Job hunting in Japan is right now, at the very least, not fun. Currently, 3rd year college students without much work experience end up sending their CVs indiscriminately to companies through job searching portals. They then have to research companies and industries, go through as many as 3 or 4 interviews per companies and make their final choices in a very short period of time.

Through VISITS OB, we want to ensure that students receive the opportunity to think about their careers through meeting their alumni even before their job-hunting starts. Through implementing AI and big data, we also want to match students with the best alumni for them. Our final goal is to give students more choices in their careers and to end the mismatches that occur due to the current fresh graduate recruitment process.