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12.01.2015 TuesdayNews

VISITS OB プレオープン

VISITSは12月にVISITS OBという新しいサービスを公開しました。社会で活躍中の OB/OGとつながることができるサービスが始まります。ここでは各業界で活躍するOB/OGのプロフィールを見る事ができ、同じ大学の先輩なのでどんなことでも気軽に聞けるようになっています。



VISITS OB Pre-Registration Open!

In case you missed out, VISITS will be launching a new service in November called VISITS OB. The site ( is already ready at a pre-open stage so if you’re doing a job search in Japan and want to see who your schools’ alumni are go ahead and register!

The concept is simple – right now in Japan if you want to approach an alumnus for advice on looking for a job you’ll have to go look for someone who has the list of alumni, contact that person individually and then arrange an appointment.

This could be so much easier with a platform which gives you a list and shows you what your senpais are up to and gives you the ability to contact them.

In short, this could make your job search much easier. So take a look (